A tailor made watch for great explorations...

The ZRC North Adventure watch is not only important: it is vital…What could suit it better than diving into the biggest laboratory ever: the extreme wilds of nature!
Thanks to its exceptional characteristics (a non-magnetic 316L Stainless steel case, an oversized crown for easier ice-cold temperatures manipulation, a 4mm anti-reflection sapphire crystal), the North Adventure is “THE” archetypal Tool Watch.


A unique know-how at the origin of proven technologies

ZRC developed and patented (NO. 1462496) the ECS, a unique system for cleaning the inside of the bezel by circulating freshwater that dilutes and evacuates sea salt and dust.
The Crown Protection System prevents water immersion thanks to its exclusive bracelet system using retractable lugs. It is now impossible to go underwater without screwing the crown back to its original position.


La vie est aventures

Extreme adventurer, reliability and strength: a watch for all your challenges

My personal safety lies with my equipment, and this watch is my number one TOP priority. It represents a real tool watch, a compass when the sun is available, an everyday timetable during my dives, breaks & meals but also my own personal companion in the evening when alone in my sleeping bag…it will record the passing of time as I get ever closer to my ultimate target: sharing this adventure with the largest numbers willing to surpass themselves, to believe in oneself and to protect our environment.

Alban Michon

A sports adventure dedicated to science and the ecology

The challenge of this expedition is to sensitize the greatest number to the protection of the environment by sharing the adventure remotely so that everyone can become aware of their environmental footprint. The expedition will enable three major scientific programs to be carried out in extreme environments, for which we have only collected a little information to date.